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You may have already witnessed a number of web sites that seem to be running in a time warp. Antiquated sites that have been produced for a one time production fee, and left to run without constant updating, or consistent promotion. An agreement may have been made for updates to be done at a rate of fifty dollars per hour or more, which of course discourages the client from keeping a steady interest in the growth and evolution of the site.

Dodgersweb believes in giving the client the ability to expand and explore on the functions and uses of their web site, so it may better serve its purpose. An up-to-date look of a web site lends to the idea that the information is current, that questions will be answered in a timely fashion, and their business relationship will also be well maintained.

Other sites are neglected for a different reason. Some companies attempt to save money and more closely manage their site by producing and maintaining the site "in house". The resulting site for the most part is somewhat antiquated in style and functionality by the time of its launching, simply because keeping up with the interactive functions and changing style of today's web is an ongoing project, making it nearly impossible to properly maintain and promote a single web site cost effectively.

Dodgersweb provides complete site make-over services specifically designed for sites that have been left unchanged and mismanaged, and generally look out-of-date. Due to the growing importance of a business web presentation in today's marketplace, site make-over services have been in great demand. Please call or email Dodgersweb with any questions concerning make-over services for your site. (916) 826-7185



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