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Would you like a steak served on a garbage can lid? Of course not - neither do your customers. Animation enhances the appearance, creditability and effectiveness of web pages.

By providing simple animation such as responsive buttons and pop-up menus, viewers of your page know that the computer is responding to mouse clicks. Without such signs of interaction, surfers may think that the site is not working properly when graphics take a moment to load or calculations are slow processing. This miscommunication may lead to customers surfing elsewhere.

The most common animation on the web is 2D graphics which provide movement on the screen to help catch surfers attention. We create animated GIFs for banners and attention grabbers Most buttons are also made of graphic images which respond to the placement of the mouse. Many of these are simple Java scripts like the buttons at the top of this page.

Here are a few examples of Animated GIFs. We can create from existing art or clipart to create movement.



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