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The management and maintenance of a site is as important as the original production. Web sites evolve, whether it's in style, content, purpose, or functionality. As a site establishes itself, unforeseen changes are made within the site so that it may better serve its purpose. This is done through the use of web statistic management, a system in which different areas, specific pages and/or functions of a site are monitored and if needed, changed to increase efficiency, and productivity.

Business web sites should not only welcome new visitors to browse the site, but also entice users to re-visit the site, in search of new or updated information. To accomplish this, web sites must have periodical changes made in both content and graphic design.

Dodgersweb is strongly specialized in Web Development services. We will enhance your business processes with the latest achievements of Web technology. Experienced specialists at Dodgersweb will ensure success at or below projected personnel and time costs.

If you are looking for professional, flexible assistance in Web Development, your need may fit into one of the following 2 categories:


You just have a general idea or plan about your future Web project. You are looking for a Web Development company to work on your project from the very inception.

Working with you, Dodgersweb will design and implement the project from idea to publishing. Our experienced professional staff will ensure the quality and efficiency of your Web project. We will go step-by-step with you through the following process:

  • Business strategy planning. Defining the concept and goals

  • Defining Web project structure and functionality

  • Corporate identity development. Graphic design

  • HTML coding and scripting

  • Programming (database, advanced functionality, interactivity, etc.)

  • Testing and publishing

  • Maintenance and promotion

Fill in our Price Quote to let us know what you need, or e-mail us at: contact@Dodgersweb.com


You have your Web site already developed and designed in terms of concept, HTML coding and graphics. You need additional, sophisticated programming to enhance your Web site turning it into an online storefront, Portal, information center, gaming place or Online Community.

Dodgersweb is experienced in Web programming. We will discuss your needs and propose to you the most appropriate ways of implementing your ideas. We will help you choose the best programming technologies and tools.

    Visit our Programming Profile to see what we do.

    Fill in our Price Quote to let us know what you need or e-mail to: ras@dodgersweb.com



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